Donna Myers, Owner

Au Courant Health Coaching

A Wise Approach to Wellness


Au Courant Defined:  

Aware of what is going on; well informed; knowledgeable


My Coaching Philosophy:  

No one knows you better than yourself.  No one can take care of you like you can.  You have the ability to take a wise approach to wellness.

You have the power to make the change! 

Au Courant Health





I have been passionate about food since I can remember.  As a kid I would play with a toy 7 Up machine and cash register for hours on end and serve up happy customers in my pretend restaurant.

Later I went on to work at a grocery store where I loved that I could see and touch all of the foods that were available.  This was followed by several years in the restaurant industry both corporate and locally owned.  I felt I had my hand on the pulse of the food scene in my town until I was introduced to the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market.

The farmers market taught me a new way to look at food, like who was growing it and where, as well the seasonality of food. I found that the relationship that I was building with the farmer held a significant benefit, too.  For the past nineteen years I have been an avid supporter of the farmer's market as a consumer and recently concluded 4 years as the Market Coordinator.  This was a great addition to the foundation that I had already begun.

Though eating healthy has many benefits, there was something missing.  I found that 'something' in 2011 when I started running.  Although terribly hard in the beginning I found that it was not only a great form of exercise but also offered a meditative break in the day.  Since 2011 I have added strength training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and most recently, yoga.

In 2016 I became  a certified health coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.  This new role will help me combine my life experiences to better serve the community I live in and beyond.  My goal is to help people find their own intrinsic reasons for healthy change.   I am trained to guide my clients in eating healthy, adding more exercise, quality sleep, lowering stress, smoking cessation, as well as realizing the potential that a healthy life has to offer.

When I'm not coaching, eating, or running I am parenting three teenagers, my muses!